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Recently Replica Watches, with the resignation in seemingly ordinary events, because the parties, Dr. identity and unique reasons for resignation text / Kou school year reporter Zhang Huo Wang Xudong in Bengbu City, became the focus of attention. Just school returned doctoral Wang Li (pseudonym), because resignation is not approved, Anhui University of Finance to court on the grounds that can not find love, and ask the court to make a judgment in Bengbu. the reasons for her resignation can be established? The court will make what kind of judgment? Alma mater, training doctoral students 30-year-old Wang Li, very intelligent. In 1999, she was admitted to the Anhui University of Finance and Economics. In November 2002, Wang Li as outstanding graduates, the school recommended exemption postgraduate students. After graduate school, she was to stay in their fortunes to a large teach. in June in 2008, has been a University lecturer Wang Li admitted doctoral student of Nanjing University (microblogging). In order to cultivate high-level talents, the great wealth and universities have signed an Agreement: After graduation, Wang Li should be of the school work, to mobilize for any reason within five years; such as Wang Li is not scheduled to return to the Party school work, or go back to job dissatisfaction which requires five years removed from the Party, and are subject to breach of contract; Party B and Party B, such as breach of contract, should the party to pay the liquidated damages of 30,000 yuan (margin offset liquidated damages), and to repay the study period from the Party borrowing the cost of living and other expenses, such as the Master is also a school commissioned culture and together with calculation of dissatisfaction, together with the Master of liquidated damages of 45,000 yuan. doctoral reasons for resignation in May 2011, Dr. Wang Li is about to graduate. In fiscal welcome her studies and returned, until a written application for resignation on the grounds that she can not find love in Bengbu. Wang Li said that the resignation of completion because of personal problems. Like her alma mater, the love of his alma mater, here she was a respected teacher, students love the teachers career she loves, she did not want to leave his alma mater. However, Wang Li, think, her 30-year-old has yet to find a suitable life partner. Bengbu is a developing city, the social atmosphere and her limited range of activities, she hopes to change the environment, may be able to solve the the same time, said Wang Li, she was willing to bear the legal liability of the agreement. The reporter learned that, according to the agreement, Wang Li should pay nearly $ 120,000 compensation. unapproved sued his alma mater WANG resignation, the Choi large did not respond. Finance position is very clear, the school is a culture in recent years, the introduction of high-level personnel to focus on efforts to strengthen the construction of the faculty Cheap Christian Audigier Clothes, Dr., international, and their hard-trained people, how can easily fly? resignation ignored, Wang Li, anxious, June 17th, she submits an application to the Bengbu City personnel dispute arbitration committee for a determination permitted to resign. But three days later, the Arbitration Committee of Bengbu City to make a decision: Wang Li's appeal request does not belong to the scope of the admissibility of the personnel dispute arbitration shall not be accepted. June 22, Wang Li paper petition Choi was declared on the court, she will be a resignation letter to the judge. See Wang Li, reasons for resignation, and even the trial judge also had to wonder: for this reason too must obviously colleges and universities can not meet, and for good reason and fair and reasonable, within the scope permitted by law, had to pour the love for her to consider. in the end for which the law? in response to the lawsuit, Anhui University of Finance is also the best, sent a Professor of Law, as an agent in preparation for court and Wang Li. The professor to a judge for the treatment of university teachers with reference to the implementation of civil service standards, therefore, Wang Li's resignation in accordance with Civil Service Law, the relevant provisions. Pursuant to the provisions of the Civil Service Law 81 (3): an important public service has not been disposed of, and by that I continue to deal with, may not resign his post. The great wealth to the Li a project not yet completed, therefore, Wang Li may not be made to resign. but as early as August 2003, the Supreme Court introduced a judicial interpretation: between institutions and their staff due to resignation, dismissal, and to fulfill the employment contract disputes, for the People's Republic of China Labor Law Great wealth obviously belong to the institutions. eventually closed in mediation in accordance with the provisions of section 37 of the Labor Contract Law, the worker by giving thirty days written notice to the employer can terminate the labor contract. This fiscal feel big pressure. fiscal is more tense, because Dr. Wang Lide unique identity and her reasons for resignation, the resignation has also become the school the focus of attention. Many doctoral students have to find out the results of judgment in that case, may lead more people to resign in case of Wang Lisheng v. take into account the actual situation of the plaintiff, and defendant universities facing the scarcity of talent pressure, mussels mountain Court between the parties in many consultations, has finally reached a settlement agreement: the plaintiff Wang Li to the field, but the name of on still Finance work. Wang Li compensation in June 2013, the College of liquidated damages of 67,000 yuan, and great wealth for the plaintiff Wang Li for your resignation procedures. this doctoral love the resignation of the disputes, and finally draw a full stop. the share: welcome to leave a comment I want to microblogging Recommend | hot microblogging today (edit: SN056)
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